Kitikiti ‘Lirra’ Lip Balm

Kitikiti ‘Lirra’ Lip Balm

“Lirra” pronounced lid-a means lips in Walmajarri language

This beautiful nourishing lip balm is super hydrating containing coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E oil to keep your lips feeling lush and hydrated for hours.

Natural strawberry, pineapple or peach flavouring has been added to give this a beautiful scent

This is the first Kitikiti product packaged in the new biodegradable packaging to align with the sustainable and environmentally friendly theme that is Kitikiti.

Massive 15g container which will last you ages.

This product is UNISEX This product has been created using products that are/or natural, cruelty free, environmentally conscious, biodegradable packaging and best of all locally made in WA by SAHM Pure Products. Product label artwork painted by me - Brodie George.

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